potty fairy

Everyone knows how hard it is to potty train your kids. Sometimes you have to think outside the box. While potty training our three year old daughter she was reluctant with the #2. We tried a number of different approaches including praise and rewards, still she was reluctant. Then one night my seven year old daughter had another baby tooth fall out and said she was putting the tooth under her pillow for the “tooth fairy”. Thats when i had the idea why not have a potty fairy. Only naturally we would not be putting anything under the pillow for the potty faify but we told her if she went #2 the “potty fairy” would leave her a reward. So we put a small brown bag with her name on it behind a chair in the living room and told her if she went potty then the next day a reward would be in the bag from the “potty fairy”. It worked like a charm the very next day she went #2 and went to sleep excited to see if the reward would be there the next day. My wife had gone out and purchased some small toys and put one in th


viewing your photos.

How does the average person such as myself get to finally sit down and look at the thousands of family photos we take on our digital cameras and store on those tiny memory cards. Since the memory cards can hold so many photos we snap away thinking these will be greatto look at later. I have realized after going to the local photo processing store and having them printed out and then putting them in albums does not produce me sitting down and looking at the photos in said albums. Maybe i am lazy but it seems too tedious.
So i decided to put the photos on dvd as slide shows. However did you ever notice technology never seems to work the way it is shown on television shopping shows. They make it look so easy to transfer your digital photos from a memory card to a dvd. When you try to do it via computer you have to contend with finiky software to get the photos downloaded. The good thing is when i do finally make a slide show they are fun to sit down watch, but the process is still tedious.
Well i think

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